We are presently working on a number of projects designing logos for some new clients. They came to us looking for a new approach to their logo and identity. The reason being they said, is that they woke up one morning and asked themselves what was their identity and logo image? How did they come up with the logo they had already and why are they still using a dated, old and boring design? This is a question i think a lot of businesses should ask themselves really!

We were given a story by our client as to how they ended up with the logo and business image they presently have. They commissioned us to design something new and different that wasn’t anything like the logo they now have.

Often most businesses have logos that were created by someone in the business. Generally what happens is that someone in the office is considered artistic and draws something graphic on a bit of paper, then it is taken to a local printer who then fixes it up and prints it onto what they have now.
It is quite shocking how many company logos are created out there and we come across this type of thing all the time.

This is very common and we are finding that a lot of businesses are approaching us to resolve a long standing design issue. They generally want to keep the idea they had and re create a better logo with a new angle. A new design with a fresh approach to revitalise the business and make it look progressive, successful and new.

Every business new or old deserves to grow and prosper and looking at the overall corporate identity of a business is a very good way of doing exactly this. Each and every business or individual needs an identity if they are in business. An identity tells people who you are and what you do, in business it is very important how you are seen by your prospective clients and the public at whole.

Your image and identity is so very important and this will determine how well you do in business. A logo an image, an identity can travel far and wide to help people understand what you do and where you do it.

I decided to look the word IDENTITY up in the dictionary and is says:

identity |īˈdentitē|
noun ( pl. -ties)
1 the fact of being who or what a person or thing is :

Nike is known all over the world for sports gear and their one identity is a very simple symbol that evokes, quality, trust, winning, the best, first, important, speed and most of all pride.

The Nike logo has a story to tell and when everyone looks at the Nike logo it tells them a story that they already know. This is done through the strength of advertising and brand creation, Nike is known everywhere simply because it’s a well designed image. It’s a logo and a corporate ID people recognise and they recognise it everywhere they go.

This is what you have to do in order to get people to notice you, your image in business is everything and you need to think about getting a first class logo design company to look at your logo design from the outset rather than going to the local printer for your designs.

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