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Hi there and welcome to Logo Design Direct’s first blog post. I am the creative director of Logo Design Direct, I have been a graphic designer now for over 20 years and have been involved with a range of projects over the last few years. Some of our most recent work is available in our portfolio gallery, please do view our gallery but clicking on the Recent work button. I enjoy graphic design and particularly logo design and the creative process, this is why I set up Logo Design Direct as we only do logo high end premium designs for companies and corporate clients.

We have been working on this new site now for some time and we have tried to design it to maximize your viewing and buying experience. The site is designed to allow you to buy package deals which we will process and delivery what you require as outlined in each package. There are a number of different levels for each package range so please choose your package carefully. You can easily send instructions and upload previous design work or logos that you may wish to be re designed or improved upon. This will all be emailed to us via the website once the payment process has been completed.

Please view our Success Story page to see what our clients have been saying about us and feel free to leave a comment on our blog as this will help us to deliver a better service as well as improving our website and blog. On our blog we will be posting articles on logo design, corporate identity design, how really good logo design can help your business along with our ideas. personal views of current design practice and our understanding of design and the design process. Please feel free to come back and visit our blog to see what we are doing and we think about what’s happening in the design world right now.

We will also be posting our very latest jobs that we have just completed, we will never reveal any job with out the consent of the client and we never as a policy show or discuss any project we are currently working on with any one outside the scope of the work. The projects that you see on this blog or website are all completed jobs which are currently in the public domain. Please enjoy our website and read our blog it contains, ideas, advice and food for thought.


John Cowper
Corporate Logo Design Expert, Designer
Logo Design Direct

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