I am a logo designer and I offer high quality premium logo and corporate identity design to entrepreneurs, business individual and corporate clients. I always design logos to suit my clients needs, however I will always advise a client what would suit them better and enhance their corporate image. Corporate Image, what is it? A corporate image is the image or perception that you wish the wider world to see you as. On this site I have a logo to the top left, it is white on a the dark background. This is this sites corporate image and I designed my logo identity to be striking, bold and reflect the same shape as my business logo which is also square. The logo in colour is red and black and they go very well together and can work well together in a corporate setting. As you can also see the banner colour on the website works well together with the logo which is important. I deliberately designed the logo to work with the banner as this is where the logo will be seen by almost everyone. In this case the logo is white reversed out against the grey banner across the screen. The logo is simple and is mainly text with a motif to the right of the text. This is simple and easy but most of the great corporate logos out there are really simple and work extremely well. This is the premise that I always work from “Keep It Simple” the simple ideas always work the best!”


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