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Logo Design Direct is delighted to announce the launch of their new website which has been in development for the past few months. As we are designers we are even more critical of our own work than ever, so it has taken us some time to get our new site together. We have worked on improving our visitor’s experience and this is what we have focused on during our time designing and developing this site.

We wanted our visitors and users to get the best out of using our website so we have maximised our home page to direct our users to the main parts of our site. As you can see on the home page that a visitor can choose a number of places to visit on the site. The slider offers a glimpse of the kind of work we have done and do for our clients. These images of our work give the user an unmistakable idea about what we do and we show you the best of our work.

Below the slider we have an simple explanation as to who we are, what we do and what we offer and this will take the user to the different pages, About us, Services and our Package Deals. There is a pop up optin box that will pop up now and then asking you for your name and email address if you wish to receive our design updates, newsletters and other gifts in the future from us. This is of course totally voluntary and our users who do subscribe to us may unsubscribe as any time there after.

Each of our services Logo Design, Corporate Identity Design and Brand Creation are all displayed on the home page under “What We Do” and the headings are click-able and take the user to the page where our services are described in detail.

We also show our portfolio below under”Recent Logo Design Projects” and if you click on the arrows on either side, these will show more work as they slide across the screen. Clicking on the images will also take you directly to our portfolio of work.

Below this in our footer we have our latest blog posts and only 2 are displayed here so do visit our blog to see more of our postings. Please click on the red “read full article” button to see the full article. The blog is probably the most exciting area on our site as this is where we put all our ideas, complaints, visions, views and reviews for all the world to see. We do this in written as well as visual form to give our readers a better understand about who we are and what we stand for. Please visit our blog regularly as we will be posting case studies here.

On the rest of our footer we have other information, social media connections under “Follow Us” below this we have our most popular e-Books that we have written. We also display a range of our e-Books to the right side of the footer and these e-books are based on topics and subjects we know about and studied.  We have listed our latest e-books that we have for sale here please click on the links and they will take you to our sales pages. We will also be displaying our very latest new e-books that we have just released, in this area too, so do look out for them.

We hope that you enjoy our website and come back and visit us regularly.
Thanks for visiting.

John Cowper,
Creative & Managing Director
Logo Design Direct

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