At Logo Design Direct we like to show how our logos are applied and used. Most logos are designed and then the issue of what to do with it comes up with our client’s. We only specialise in Logo Design and then apply these to stationery if required by our clients.

Motorvation Logo & Stationery

Clientele:  Business class executives looking for executive and or sports cars. We designed a logo to reflect a select high end market for company executives looking for executive and expensive sports cars. Black was used with the use of grey to represent a dummy silver colour, as silver is a difficult & expensive colour to print. We used the  2 outer  letter O’s in the company name to form the wheels of a sports car and the rest of the word MOTORVATION to hold the car together. We added the aerodynamic design of a sports car to the top part of the MOTORVATION word. The text below represents the road that this sports car is on.

This logo was designed to be used on stationery see below:

Motorvation Stationery

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