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A. To link to Logo Design Direct, just copy and paste one of the following lines of code below onto your sites blogroll. This code has been placed here for people who know what they are doing. If you don’t understand what to do please scroll down to B.

<a href=””>Logo Design Direct</a>

<a href=””>Corporate Identity Design at Logo Design Direct</a>

<a href=””>Logo Design With Logo Design Direct</a>

<a href=””>Brand Creation On The Internet</a>

<a href=””>Designing A Corporate Logo</a>

<a href=””>Logo Design Expert</a>

<a href=””>Get Logo Design Direct To Design Your Logo</a>

B. If you want to place a link to our Logo Design Direct site:

1.    Place a link to our Logo Design Direct site in your blogroll (WordPress site) by following the description below under No.

2.    Then Contact us with the subject “Graphic Design Link To You”.

3.    Click the “Links” section on the left side menu in your Dashboard, then click on the “Add New Link” text. This will bring up a new screen with a name and URL field, you can copy this text “Logo Design” and place it in the name field. Then under the URL field paste in this URL ””.

Once we receive your email, we will check to see if the link has been placed in an appropriate place on your website, then we will place a link directing the many visitors we receive back to your site on our site.
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Naas Chamber of Commerce & Industry
“Naas Chamber used the professional image design services of John Cowper. to create a

The Admin Officer, Naas Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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