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We are logo designers and we offer high quality premium logo and corporate identity design to entrepreneurs, business individuals, small, medium to large sized companies and corporate clients.
We always design logos to suit and reflect our clients needs, their design style, attitude, flavour, flair and business acumen, however we will always advise a client what would suit them better to enhance their corporate image.

Corporate Image

What is it? A corporate image is the image or perception that you or someone wishes the wider world to see you as. On this site we have a logo to the top left, it is white on a the dark background.

This Site’s Corporate Image

This site’s logo is to the top of this page and we designed this logo identity to be striking, bold and reflect the same shape as our sister business logo which is also square in shape. The logo in colour is red and black and they go very well together and can work well in a corporate setting. As you can also see the banner colour on the website works well together with the logo which is important. We deliberately designed the logo to work with the banner as this is where the logo will be seen by almost everyone. In this case the logo is white reversed out against the grey banner across the screen. It is important to know and note that any logo should work well in just one colour and reversed out on a darker background.

The logo is simple and is mainly text (Logotype) with a motif to the right of the text. This is simple and easy and most of the great corporate logos out there are really simple and work extremely well. This is the premise that we always work from “Keep It Simple” the simple ideas always work the best!”

Who We Are

My name is John Cowper and I am the Creative and Managing Director of Logo Design Direct. I have been a Logo designer for over 20 years with experience working in London, the S.E. of England, UK and in Dublin, Ireland. I have worked on many really great projects over the years. I can lend my experience to any of the above areas and produce some really great logo design. Commission us for all your corporate identity, brand image and logo design needs and you will be working with the confidence that your Logo design needs will be met with design experience, professionalism, expertise and creativity which will only add value to your business’s image.

“Are you are looking to establish a corporate identity, and want a new ‘look and feel’ to help raise your company profile, or do you just need to build on the branding you have developed? We can develop your existing brand identity or create a new one for you?”

View Our Portfolio

Please view our portfolio and if you like our work you could purchase designs from our Design Package Deals page. Simply follow the instructions and you will be contact by email regarding your online purchase. If you wish to see further proof of the quality of our work and service please visit our Success Stories page.

Logo Design Direct can design a new logo (or refresh an existing one) that can be used on all your corporate branding including: business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, envelopes, signage, packaging, livery, stickers, badges, pens and mouse-mats, & websites.


Logo Design Direct offers only LOGO DESIGN WORK and specialises is this area exclusively, we provide a high end service to our clients who are looking for Corporate Identity and Logo Design services. We can create an entire identity for you or your company from scratch or we can work on improving an existing identity that you may currently have. Logo Design Direct has launched it’s new Website, “http://www.logodesigndirect.net” which only caters for high end-business customers who are looking for quality corporate identity design and brand creation. They offer superb logo design for companies and individuals who wish to get high quality Logo design to fit into their companies corporate identity plan.

Package Deals

On this site you can purchase a logo design a various levels. The highest being Premium then Premier, then Pro. These 3 are the 3 highest levels available and include a stationery design deal. There are also 4 other logo packages, they are known as the standard Logo design packages. We have also included Brand Combo Packages for your perusal. Please see under packages for the full range and what is offered within each package deal.

“This was a real niche market need which businesses were asking for” says John Cowper, Managing Director, Logo Design Direct“ there are very few design agencies offering just high end corporate identity and logo design services exclusively. This is a new idea for us as well, our clients can purchase a design identity online in this way through buying from different select and exclusive packages. There are several examples on the site to show our clients what they will be getting with the package they purchase. All they have to do is click on the “DEMO” button below the package deal, this will give them full understand about what they will be getting for their money. This will save them considerable time and effort previously spent on purchasing decisions”.

We specialise in logo design, corporate identity, corporate image & brand solutions and include:

Logo Design
Corporate Identity & Logo Design
Selective Stationery Design (only with the top 3 packages)
Branding Solutions
Print Management & Fulfilment (Stationery Design)

“Working closely with our clients, we use personalised branded logo design as a practical marketing tool. This has enabled our clients to increase brand loyalty by differentiating their brand from their competitors, leading to increased sales and profitability, gains in market share and a growth in their customer base.  This is what Logo Design Direct is all about!”.

To Your Success

John Cowper

Creative & Managing Director

“Logo Design Creation, To Create A Lasting Impression!”
Logo Design Direct is located at:
Johnstown Business Centre, Johnstown House, Johnstown, Naas, Co. Kildare.

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Novatus Property Solutions Ltd.
“Before I met John, I was having a tough time trying to get our brand values

Taz Thiara Co-founder & Director of Novatus Property Solutions Ltd. England, UK.

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